The Words I Wished To Tell You: EP 1

Angliski, Dzeja, Podkāsti

Hey, and welcome to my first audio poem collection! These poems, over-dramatized and sappy, can be a good way to wind down after a long day. Let the poems take you on a journey to discover confusing feelings, nostalgia & unsaid words…

“a cup of coffee i never finished”

Prioritizing things is hard, but it can be even harder to prioritize people. The feeling of someone not prioritizing you as much as you prioritize them is hard to deal with. And though the hope of them placing you under their sun someday keeps living on.


We have been taught, that there is only one soulmate for us, but that is not true! There are so many types of soulmates, even including those, who never even have considered a relationship with you, and probably never will. It’s about realizing that we have to be our own soulmate first, before being someone else’s.