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If you would like to start reading books, but don’t know where to start  - this article is meant for you. I’ve picked three books that I think would catch your eye.  Not only you may start to enjoy reading but your focus and memory will improve as well. Reading is also a very good remedy for stress AND it will increase your vocabulary! Let’s not get way into the mental health and physical health benefits of reading. If you’re interested in that stuff, check out the article a friend of mine made, it’s called ‘’mental health’’ made by Alise. 
Anyway, let’s get to the actual thing of this article!

1.’’Room’’ by E.Donoghue

In Room, Jack lives in a single-room outbuilding with his Ma. It contains a small kitchen, a bedroom, a bathroom, and a TV set. He believes that only Room and his Ma are real. Ma tries to keep Jack healthy and happy by following a healthy diet, regular physical exercises, and limiting TV-watching time. The only other person Jack has ever seen is “Old Nick,” who visits Room at night while Jack sleeps hidden in a wardrobe. Old Nick brings food and supplies to them.

This must be the most disturbing book I’ve ever read. While reading this book, the only thing that comes to my mind is – how or when will they ever get out? The fact that this is based on a real story is even scarier. I can’t say that I hate or dislike this book, it leaves you feeling uneasy and paranoid. I recommend this book to people who like to read true crime or just really disturbing books.

Genre: Fiction

2.’’Revolutionary road’’ by R.Yates

April and Frank – a young married couple. Everyone thinks that they’re the perfect couple and living their dream. In reality, they’re not happy at all and want to leave their ordinary, suburban life. This is a book that shows life from two different perspectivesa man who learns to love his life and accept it the way it is, and his wife who is just living in constant dissatisfaction. The couple is constantly arguing and blaming each other for the lifestyle that they’re living and there is much more to this story.

This novel was a classic that I actually enjoyed and that was actually worth reading. I personally liked this story, the plot was so unexpected and twisted that I just couldn’t get over it so easily, in fact, the whole book was really hard to process. I recommend this book to absolutely everyone who likes to analyze and connect the situations, that later lead to the answer why? And when? And how?

Genre: Fiction/classics

3. ‘’Peril at endhouse’’ by A.Christie

When Hercule Poirot is on a vacation he meets a young woman – Nick Buckley. When someone had tried to kill Miss Buckley by attempted shooting, she tells detective Poirot about the other wicked things that happened to her the last several days. Now Poirot has gained interest in the whole thing and suspects that those things are intentional, not accidental. And so as the investigation begins – the assassinator might strike again at any time…

This is the first detective book that I’ve ever read. At first, I was skeptical and I was convinced that I wouldn’t enjoy reading this book. But I was wrong, a book where a crime has happened will always be interesting because it’s intriguing. I read this book pretty fast since it has large letters and small pages. I will definitely look more into Agatha Christie’s books. I feel like the author is a pure genius because she writes about all the little details and the way to unmasking the killer – it’s just so overwhelmingly impressive.

Genre: mystery

Now that I’ve introduced you to these books, I hope at least one of them matched your interests. But If none of these books caught your attention, there will be the next month’s books in the next article and eventually, you’ll find a book that you like!

P.S. all of these books can be found in or any other book store, library!


  • I really liked the way you described the books without spoiling anything, also the amount of text makes it easier to read. I didn’t find anything that I would complain about. Good job!

  • I really likes this article! I found this information useful because I have never heard of these books and now I would like to read some of them. My request is to maybe add information about number of pages in the book or add more information about author. And maybe add different types of books-poetry etc. In conclusion, I loved your article and can’t wait for a new one!

  • The topic you chose and the article you wrote is really useful! I liked that you briefly and clearly described plots of all books. I definitely would like to see more of these!