Chapter 2: Sun’s adventures on earth

Bez tēmas

Sun began to walk around. He was in a beautiful field. The grass, the trees, the flowers, the animals – it was all so majestic! Sun made sure to hide his wings and halo to look more human. It felt fun to sort of go undercover and getting masked so he decided to use a different name while on Earth. He wasn’t sure if people used names such as ‘’Sun’’ for themselves and he wanted to blend in. He pondered for a while until he came up with the perfect Earth name for himself – Ataru. From what he had learned before coming to Earth he knew this was a gender neutral name of Japanese origin. He liked the sound of the name.
Finally having finished with hiding his identity he walked around the field until he began seeing a city in the distance. He began walking over to there to explore and meet new people. He was very excited! Once he arrived there he saw a lot of people walking through the streets and there were a lot of shops on each corner of the street. He walked around for a while, exploring the shops, trying out some treats until he decided to take a break in a café and get a cup of coffee and maybe a donut. Sun was chatty and kind and tried to befriend anyone he spoke to which attracted the attention of a certain person that was regular costumer. He introduced himself and his name was Lucian. The 2 talked and soon started to become friends.
Years went and Sun tried a bunch of things on Earth such as bungee jumping, skydiving, traveling to different countries and experienced different cultures, went to an amusement park, flying in an air balloon and many more activities and the friendship with Lucian grew more. Sun didn’t have any troubles with money for all these activities either cause his mother had given him an unlimited wallet for his adventures.
She was happy to see he had made a friend as well. Lucian was older then Sun, at least mentally, and over time was more of a father figure Sun didn’t have growing up. Sun’s time on Earth also gave him time to consider whether it was right of him to blame his mother for all that happened. He felt bad for how he had acted towards her. ‘’You should take the time you have with your family for granted…’’ was something Lucian had told him when Sun spoke of his parents and Sun took it to heart. When Sun finally returned home from his adventures he made sure to hug his mother. She was just glad that her son was happy but she appreciated the understanding.