Chapter 1: Past story about Sun.

Bez tēmas

This is a story of an angel boy named Sun. He didn’t have the best childhood though. Not because his parents didn’t care for him, they loved him dearly. It’s because they didn’t seem to love each other anymore. They fought so often that Sun heard them arguing quite a lot even though they tried their best not to involve him in their arguments. ‘’Why do they have to yell at each other..? Why can’t they just get along..?’’, these were the thoughts that crossed his mind often during their fights. Sometimes he wondered if it was somehow his fault that they kept arguing.
One day as they were once again arguing Sun heard it suddenly go deathly silent. Sun wondered: ‘’Did they finally stop fighting..?’’. he then finally heard his mother call out his father’s name ‘’Lucifer wake up!’’. She sounded distressed which worried Sun. He peeked behind the door of the room he was in and saw his father laying on the floor with his mother knelt beside him trying to wake him up. Sun didn’t understand what had happened but understood it wasn’t anything good…
*many years later*
Sun was now in his teenage years. Having grown up without a father. He only had his mother now, which he wasn’t on good terms with. He blamed her for everything that had happened. Especially about his father’s death. She was right there with him after all during their argument. The cause for his death is still unknown. His mother grieved all she had lost and although Sun didn’t want to be around her much she was still there for him through thick and thin. She loved him dearly so when she found out he was very interested in Earth she wanted to give him the chance to explore it. She spoke to him about this and he was very excited to be able to explore Earth for the first time himself. ‘’but remember son you cannot show that you are an angel. You should keep your wings and halo hidden, okay?’’, said Light. ‘’I understand mother’’, responded Sun. using her magic she sent Sun down to Earth, but even while on Earth she watched over him. He was mature, but he was still a teenager. She had given him a way to return home and if necessary she told him she would bring him back herself. As that was said Sun finally woke up on Earth. He was finally there and he was excited.