Book Recommendations


Hello! We’re back with another article about books. For this month We’ve chosen books that you can read in a concise period of time, because, after all, reading books is like a gym for your brain and it’s important to read a good book once in a while! If you’re interested in finding out more about these short books, please keep reading!

  1. ‘’Rosemary’s Baby’’ by Ira Levin

When Rosemary and her husband Guy find a really nice house for them to live in, they’re warned by many people that the house is haunted and that they should keep looking for another place, but they don’t listen to this advice and buy it. Right when Rosemary starts living there with her husband, she starts to notice that their neighbors are overly-friendly and wicked things start to happen to her. After a while Rosemary gets pregnant and is appreciating the support from the weirdly friendly neighbors, but that all changes when she starts to suspect that the neighbors are in a cult and the only reason they’re being nice to her is that they want to take her new-born baby, which in reality turns out to be the satan himself.

By far this is the most interesting book that I’ve read and the book is only 229 pages, so I read it in 2 days. I loved how the writing was very simple and it was really easy to understand, I recommend reading this book if you like very detailed writing as well as disturbing storylines.

Genre: Horror

2.‘’The Old Man and the Sea’’ by Ernest Hemingway

The story revolves around an old fisherman named Santiago, who lives in an old shed and hasn’t had any luck with fishing lately. Despite his bad luck, he decides to go out into the open sea and try to catch something. The rest of the book tells a deeply moving story, which is filled with symbolism, the author describes how the fisherman has caught a large fish and won’t let go of it, even though there are many difficulties like shark attacks, etc. Unfortunately, after all this struggle that he’s been through, he returned home without the fish and continued with his life.

Even though to many readers this book seemed boring and pointless, I saw some pretty emotionally deep meanings behind some of the parts of the story. I’m not a huge fan of E.Hemingway but this story impressed me and left me wondering for a while. The story was so plain and boring at some parts, yet so deep and full of emotions, that to this day my brain hasn’t processed it.

Genre: Classics

  1. ‘’Little Women’’ by Louisa May Alcott

This is the story of March girls – Meg, Jo, Beth, and Amy and spans from their teens to adulthood, matrimony, and motherhood. These four sisters are very different from each other. But the sisterly love and the family bond, firmly instilled in their hearts by their wise and kind mother, makes them close and united. The girls are not perfect; they have their virtues as well as flaws. Although the story mainly revolves around the March girls, Little Women isn’t a ‘’girly’’ book. It’s rather a ‘’domestic’’ book full of morals and life lessons.

When I first saw the film that was based on this book, I knew that I had to read this wonderful story and let me tell you, I didn’t regret anything! This story made me laugh, cry, and smile, I felt peaceful at the end and I truly loved it.

Genre: classics

We hope that you got interested even a little bit in at least one of the given books and as once Dr.Seuss said, ‘’The more you read, the more places you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.’’

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