The Words I Wished To Tell You: EP 3

Angliski, Dzeja, Podkāsti

The second last episode is here!


This poem is inspired by the song “Sunflower” from the Netflix movie “Sierra Burgess Is a Loser”. More common than ever, we feel insecure, if we don’t meet society’s toxic standards. It is about being a sunflower between a bunch of roses.

“i’m tired”

Let this poem be a reminder to ask your close ones how they’re doing & let them know that they can talk to you about anything. In the times we live in, we so often forget to take care of ourselves, and the realization sets in, only when we have fully emptied ourselves. If you are feeling like this, I want to remind you that it does get better. Maybe not tomorrow or in a week, but it does get better 🙂